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Adaptive Solutions Preschool Team

Our Teaching and Administrative staff are among the most talented in the Industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.


2014-2015 Parent Advisory Committee President

Executive Director 
 Ms. Marcia Ross

Clinical Director
 Ms. Karen Beckles 

Curriculum Instructional Specialist
 Ms. Indrowtie Buchana

General & Special Education Teachers 
 Ms. Allison Davis
 Ms. Isha Timothy 
 Ms. Rashmi Sharma
Ms. Kayla Pratts
Ms Latoya Roberts
Ms. Yonnette Pluck-Cort
Ms. Sophia Dias
Ms. Rhonda McLaurin
Ms. Joan Lucas

Teacher's Assistants 
 Ms. Deborah Jones
 Ms. Jamila Collins
 Ms Julia Rodriquez-Preciado 
 Ms. Kelly Ann Barnwell 
 Ms. Monique Ross
Ms. Destini McNeal
Ms. Denisse Preciado
Ms. Yvonne Lawrence
Ms. Pauline Connell
Ms. Nellie Echevarria
Ms. Annie Laboy
Ms. Madelene Vega
Ms. Luz  Morales
Ms. Pena Altagracia
Ms. Inove Rodriguez

Occupational Therapy
 Mr. Anthony Williams
Ms. Cathleen Sexton
Ms. Debra Coggins
Ms. Tanya Thomas

Physical Therapy 
 Mr. Jamaal Holder

Speech & Language 
 Ms. Elvira Khaye
Mr. Eddie Yew
Mr. Louis Martinez
Ms. Kimberly Johnson
Ms. Chasidy Kennedy
Ms. Lacey Blair 

School Social Worker
Ms. Sharmin Chowdhury

Fiscal Director
 Ms. Gladys Avila

Assistant Book-Keeper 
 Ms. Nathalie Patoir

Office Personnel 
 Ms. Kenya Barahona 
 Ms. Diva Bermudez
Ms. Oneeka Leach