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Adaptive Solutions Preschool Team

Our Teaching and Administrative staff are among the most talented in the Industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.


2019/2020 SCHOOL YEAR 

Executive Director 

Ms. Marcia Ross

Clinical Director

Ms. Karen Beckles 

IEP Coordinator/Curriculum Instructional Specialist

Ms. Indrowtie Buchana

Fiscal Director

Ms. Gladys Avila


Assistant Book-Keeper

Ms. Diva Bermudez


Office Personnel

Ms. Andrea Orrego

Ms. April Schneider


IEP Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Paloma Hernandez

Occupational Therapy

Mr. Anthony Williams

Ms. Debra Coggins

Ms. Daisy Floyd


Physical Therapy

Mr. Jamaal Holder


Speech & Language

Mr. Eddie Yew


School Psychologist



PARA Professional

Mr. Mark Bollers

Ms. Nattliea Collins

Ms. Farah Martin

Ms. Natasha Sealey

Mr. Dominique Blair

Ms. Sparkle Williams

Ms. Brenda Young

Ms. Luz Guzman

Ms. Tessa Fraser

Ms. Katiuska Hernandez

Ms. Maria Fabian

Ms. Yajaira Santana

Ms. Laura Acosta

Ms. Patricia Gonzalez

General & Special Education Teachers

Ms. Annie Laboy

Ms. Deborah Jones

Ms. Julia Rodriquez-Preciado

Ms. Rashmi Sharma

Ms. Yonette Pluck-Cort

Ms. Adrienne Ruff

Ms. Valia Patterson

Ms. Denisse Preciado

Ms. Clara Hagley 

Ms. Monique Ross

Ms. Karla Pratts

Ms. Robin Leitch


Teacher's Assistants

Ms. Yaneris Lopez

Ms. Luz Morales

Ms. Inove Rodriguez

Ms. Kathleen Alexander

Ms. Lotoya Mclean

Ms. Tara Martin



Food Handler

Shirley Watson

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